1. I’m going to buy myself something pretty with my pay. And there’s nothing you can do about it :D

    Rent Shment.

  2. Ugh perfection.

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  3. House hunting today!


  4. What a waste of a Friday night. I was supposed to go out with Laura but that fell through, then couldn’t find the energy to meet work people or Lloyd. I’m very lonely at the moment and I think ending things with Lloyd is the reason. There was always the security of being able to see him pretty much any time I wanted and now, although he invited me out tonight, I feel it won’t be the same. I’ll just be some annoying girl who he cant get rid of.

    Sometimes being alone is ideal; tonight is the opposite.

  5. beclou:

    My favourite part of London  (Taken with Instagram at Camden Town)


  6. Break-ups are hard :(

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    First beer garden of the season!  (Taken with instagram)


  8. You would think being in London would excite me.

    I havn’t left my room since I got back. I can’t even eat. I want home now.

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    4 little skulls sitting in a row  (Taken with instagram)


  10. Ah I havn’t been blogging for a while……laziness and busy-ness with all my lovely friends :)


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    Vodka bar on chapel!  (Taken with instagram)

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    Getting in touch with my hippy side  (Taken with instagram)

  13. beclou:

    I have the best friends!!! (Taken with instagram)


  14. It is so nice to know just how much my friends have missed me.

    How am I ever going to leave :(


  15. It’s my 21st tonight and it’s raining.